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今山田の大カツラ Imayamadano-ookatsura The Giant Katsura Tree in Imayamada

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One of Toyama prefecture's designated natural treasures is a giant katsura tree that stands by a road leading to the village of Tonami. The circumference of the tree's branches is 13.9 meters. There are two major trunks: the western one has rings that measure 2.8m around; the eastern one has rings that measure 2.7m around.

The tree, entangled by Japanese ivy and vine, is presumed to be 700 years old, and has such a commanding presence it seems to be possessed by a divine spirit. The tree gleams gold when the spring leaves come out, and lets the people of Tonami district know roughly when the rice-planting season begins.

Moreover, there is a camellia growing behind the katsura that is over 400 years old. Both the katsura and the camellia have been nurtured as symbols of the village. In addition, they are both designated as Cultural Assets of Yamada Village. The katsura and the camellia, which have both lived settled and calm lives, still stand and look tenderly over the village.

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Imayamada, Yamada, Toyama, Toyama Prefecture
The Giant Katsura Tree in Imayamada

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