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阿波の土柱 Awano-dochu The Awa Dochu Earth Pillars

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The Awa Dochu are earth pillars located near Awa in Tokushima Prefecture. In 1934 the area was designated as a Natural Treasure.

Over millions of years, this gravel terrace was eroded by wind and rain, leaving these strange pillar forms. The Awa Dochu are more like an earthen wall than earth pillars.

These dochu were formed about 1.3 million years ago, when the area was under a river. At Hatouga-take, there are many 10m-high pillars standing in an area about 9km from north to south, and 50m from east to west.

Awa is one of three major sites in the world where earth pillars can be seen, the others being Tirol in Italy and the Rocky Mountains in the North America. Earth pillars are very rare landforms and are studied by geologists.

These pillars appear to be art forms created by nature; the sight of them fills us with an awe of ancient history.
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