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四日市東別院 Yokkaichi-toubetsuin Yokkaichi East Branch Temple

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There are two towns in Usa: Usa-cho that has the Usa Shrine, and Yokkaichi-cho. In Yokkaichi-cho, there are two large temples: the Shingon Otani school of Buddhism Yokkaichi branch temple and Jyodoshinshu Honganji school of Buddhism Yokkaichi branch temple.

As seen, Usa used to be a temple town. The latter was a central temple of Jyodoshinshu in the Kyushu area. The former was established in 1562 and was called Ohigashisan. It burned down once in 1868, but was reconstructed in 1889. The original huge gate, however, has survived and stands today. Combined, the two temples form the largest wooden architecture in Japan.
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最上稲荷 Saijo-inari Saijo Inari Shrine

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Saijo Inari Shrine is one of the three most famous Inari shrines in the country, and is a noted Buddhist shrine for prayer. The shrine is located in Okayama, Okayama Prefecture, a city famous for its picturesque views of the Kibi Plains.

The shrine was built around 1200 years ago by Houon Daishi. The main building of the shrine suffered losses from fire when Toyotomi Hidetoshi attacked the Bichuu Takamatsu Castle during the Warring States period. Yet, since the patron deity of the shrine was hidden under the building in a secret compartment 8 tatamis large, and covered by rock slabs, it was kept safe from harm.

Since that time, the patron deity became famous across the country for its miraculous efficacy, drawing the faith of the masses. The deity is famous for answering prayers for success in business, traffic safety, and for increased scholastic ability. Every March during the Hatsuuma Festival, the shrine overflows with people who have come to pray for luck and good health.
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