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竹馬 Takeuma Japanese Stilt-Walking

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Walking on stilts was an activity that began in China. It came to Japan during the Heian period.

Stilt-walking is a game that uses sticks of bamboo with some kind of peg as foothold. There are two types of stilt-walking. The first one, which was enjoyed by children in China, was a game using one bamboo like a witch's broom. The other type is the famous one, which is enjoyed by Japanese children.

Even today, children enjoy the common form of stilt-walking, using two sticks with footholds. It is said that stilt-walking is good for training muscles and to get a sense of balance.

Nowadays, there are stilt-walking competitions held as sports, and the activity is beloved by many people.
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若宮大路 Wakamiya-ooji Wakamiya Road

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Wakamiya Road is an old temple route located in Komachi, Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture. It is included as one of Japan's top 100 roads, and is also one of the 20 best scenic views in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Wakamiya Road starts from Yuigahama within Kamakura City, and leads to Tsuruoka Hachimangu. Established in the 2nd year of the Yowa era (1182), the road was built by Yoritomo Minamoto (and refers to Suzaku-oji road in Kyoto) in order to pray for his wife Masako's safe delivery of a child.

The road is currently part of Kanagawa State Road number 21 from Yokohama to Kamakura. There are three torii gates along the road: namely the 'first', 'second' and 'third' torii starting from the Yuigahama side. The distance between the second and third torii is called the 'dannkazura', literally translated as 'terraced tongue'. This is because of a certain type of construction method that was used to elevate the central part of the road. This construction method makes the road narrower on the Tsuruoka Hachimangu side, and creates a perspective that makes the road look longer than it truly is.

The Wakamiya Road continues to be the center of Kamakura, and is a road that is loved by all citizens.
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