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犬飼石仏 Inukai-sekibutsu Inukai Giant Buddha Rock Carving

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There is a giant Buddha rock carving in Tonase, Bungo-ono, Oita Prefecture. Although it is considered to have been created by Nichira, certain characteristics and features of the statue are similar to those even before the Kamakura period, and probably date it to the Heian period.

In the center of the shrine is a Fudo Myo-o (principal deity of the great kings), which is about 3.7m high and carved in the full-lotus meditation position. Fudo Myo-o is flanked on the right by a chief attendant, Seitaka Doji (1.73m high), and on the left by the second chief attendant, Kongara Doji (1.7m high). There are subtle traces of red paint on the face of the Fudo Myo-o, and the figure is rare in that it shows both soles of his feet while seated.

This statuary was designated as a national historic relic in 1934. The three major 'Shubun' of the 'Ryudenzan', along with the eight initial letters of the 'Namu-daishi-henjo kongo', are carved into the upper quay of the stone Buddha as a memorial to the earnest beliefs of the Daishi (Great Master).
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