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権現滝 Gongendaki Gongen Waterfall

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Gongen Waterfall is located near the town of Suzaka in Nagano Prefecture. Due to its vigor and majesty, it has been selected as one of Japan’s 100 best waterfalls. The stream that leads to the waterfall originates in Mount Neko and Azumaya Mountain. Gongen waterfall has a height of 38 meters, and falls from a plate-shaped cliff that was formed by Azumaya Volcano. Gongendaki and Fudou waterfalls are called the Great Yonago Waterfalls. The grand roar of the waterfall in the quiet valley perfectly captures the mood of a hidden scenic spot. Fudou and Gonngen falls are also named Fuufudaki, or ‘Married Couple Waterfall’. The Fudou Waterfall has a low water runoff and falls like mist, which gives it a gentle feminine image; on the other hand, the Gonngen Waterfall falls dynamically and straight, giving it a powerful masculine image. Recently, the two waterfalls have been referred to as the ‘Two Lovers Waterfall’. These two waterfalls can be seen together between Yonagokouzannatochi (Yonago Mine Site) and Azumaya, making it a popular viewpoint.
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