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家康行列 Ieyasu-gyouretsu Ieyasu Gyoretsu (Procession)

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The procession of Tokugawa Ieyasu is held as the main event of Okazaki City’s Cherry festival in April every year. It is a reenactment of the procession of Ieyasu held in the Edo period and performed to give tribute to his attainment of the national unity and the braveness of the Mikawa warriors. It was originally held as a part of the festival at Tatsuki Shrine in the early Meiji period. Today it has become the city’s big event that tells people of the coming of spring.

About 1,000 citizens invited and chosen in the public participation join the procession, playing the roles of Ieyasu, warriors and princesses. The foot soldiers and high-ranked warriors on horsebacks march through the city. The gorgeous and picturesque parade including the ceremony of going to war, the demonstrations by the gun troop and the lancer troop and Kassen-matsuri (Battle Festival) on the riverside of the Otogawa River is a superb spectacle. The procession going through full-blown cherry blossoms may give you an illusion of living in the Edo period.

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Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture 444-0000
Ieyasu Gyoretsu (Procession)

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