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銀閣寺 Ginkakuji Ginkakuji Temple

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Ginkakuji Temple was constructed by Yoshimasa Ashikaga, the 8th Shogun of the Muromachi Shogunate as a villa in imitation of Kinkakuji Temple, which was constructed by his grandfather, Yoshimitsu. After Yoshimasa’s death, the villa was reformed as a temple and given the name of “Jishoji Temple” after Yoshimasa’s Buddhist name. At the time of the construction of 1482, there were 12 large and small buildings surrounding the Chisen-kaiyushiki garden (wet garden with promenade) with the Kinchochi Pond in its center. At the present remain Kannon Hall and Togudo Hall alone. The Dojinsai Room in the Togudo Hall is the oldest Shoinzukuri-style room in existence. The garden is the typical example of the Higashiyama Culture. Walking through the gate and going along the path between the beautifully arranged hedges, you will step in the garden covered with white sand, which leads you to the wabi and sabi world.

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2 Ginkakuji-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, 606-8402
Ginkakuji Temple

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