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本郷溜池 Hongou-tameike Hongo Storage Reservoir

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Hongo Storage Reservoir is located by the Hongo River, which connects to the Yodo River, in Uda, Nara Prefecture.
Hongo Storage Reservoir is for the supply of water to agricultural areas in the west and north districts of Ouda town and was made by damming the Hongo River, whose source is Mt Otowa. The total storage capacity of the reservoir is 300,000m3.
Storage reservoir agriculture has been popular in the Nara Basin since even before the Meiji period, when many storage reservoirs were built. Hongo was built in 1935 and is a relatively new one.
There is an observation terrace at the reservoir where you can see the whole district. Many fish, such as the hera, can be found here, and it is a popular place for fishing.
Hongo Storage Reservoir is also famous for cherry blossom which, in April, are reflected on the surface of the reservoir.

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Hongo, Ouda-ku, Uda, Nara Prefecture, 633-2156
Hongo Storage Reservoir

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