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信州そば切包丁 黒打ち仕上げ Shinsyu-sobakiriboucyou Kurouchi-shiage Shinshu Soba Knife Kurouchi-shiage

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If you have a taste for the buckwheat noodle “soba” from Japan and you like it so much that you find dining on it at a restaurant occasionally does not satisfy you, then it could be time for you to start making your own soba at home. The alluring smell of freshly made soba, its texture and taste are true bliss and it can be experienced whenever you desire by making your own soba. Essential to the preparation of soba, you will need to use a professional broad knife especially made for cutting soba by a master craftsman. The soba knife with Kuroda-shiage (black finish) is made by sharpening only the blade leaving the upper part with its original black color.  It uses Yasuki Hagane White Steel, premium silver high carbon steel, which is suitable for cutting noodles into thin slices. It weighs 650g so pressing down on the dough to cut it into noodles is easy. The price is not too high but they are professional quality. It is always a good item to have in your kitchen.
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握り鋏 Nigiri-basami Nigiri-basami Japanese style scissors

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There are generally two types of scissors used in Japan; western and Japanese style called nigiri-basami. Western style scissors are mostly used for everyday situations, while nigiri-basami is superior for use during needle work. They do not have a hinge like western scissors and have open blades, so cutting a thread can be done simply in one move. Their sharp edges are suitable for detailed work, another reason they are often used in sewing.

Ubukeya is an edged tool specialty store founded in Edo period with 220 years of history. Ubukeya literally means downy hair store and was named to indicate the store selling knives and razors that can shave even the finest hair, tweezers to pick delicate hair, and scissors to cut the softest hair. Not to mention unique tweezers that were loved by stylish local folks in Edo city, nigiri-basami is highly regarded and the store has customers that have continued to patronize the store for many generations.

Nigiri-basami uses steel fashioned by hammering and is totally different from mass produced items. They are very ergonomic and, with little force, cut through a thread. Plus, the cutting blade retains its sharpness due to being manufactured from fine steel.
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うヴェや Uveya Uveya

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"Uveya" is a studio creates lamps, lanterns and paper cutout designs modeled from original illustration. These interesting products are hand crafted by Asumi Hyoudou, an up and coming artist born in 1977. The cards that portray an imaginary fairly tale like world. The lanterns are made from traditional Japanese paper and Kent paper. All of the pieces invoke nostalgia in people, like when you experience familiar. And are soothed. The paper lantern glows gently and provides a dreamy ambience. Your stress will seem to drift away by just gazing at the light. The light is powered by a regular light bulb, not using a flame, is safe to use anywhere around the home. It would be a great idea for a gift.
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Results 1 - 3 of 3 articles          
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