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アポイ岳 Apoi-dake Mt Apoi

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Mt Apoi is an 810.6m-high mountain in Samani, Hokkaido. The name 'Apoi' comes from 'ape oi' in the language of the native Ainu people and means 'place where fire is'.

Mt Apoi lies at the southernmost point of Hokkaido's backbone: the Hidaka Range. The climate conditions of Mt Apoi are the same as mountains of 2000m since the temperature drops when heavy fog blocks out the sun.

Horoman peridotite is the predominant rock of Mt Apoi. On the mountain's slopes can be found more than 80 types of alpine plants, including several unique to this area, such as 'hidakasou' (a type of callianthemum) and 'kouzorina' (a type of picris).

The Mt Apoi Alpine Plant Community was designated as a Special National Treasure in 1952 (Showa 27). In 1981 (Showa 56), the area was designated as the Erimo Quasi-National Park Special Protection Area in the Hidaka Range.

Mt Apoi is an important ecological nature area full of valuable plant life.
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鶴見岳 Tsurumi-dake Mt Tsurumi

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Mt Tsurumi is a 1375m-high dormant volcano, located to the east of Beppu in Oita Prefecture. It is a part of the Aso Kuju National Park, and also a part of the Kuju volcanic cluster.

Hot-spring resorts can be seen down below, and places as far as the Kokuto Peninsula and Shikoku can be observed from the top of the mountain.

The mountain changes its view for each season: cherry blossoms and Kyushu azaleas in spring; green leaves in summer; leaves turning into red in autumn; and rime ice on the trees in winter, which is a rarety in the Kyushu area.

There is a ropeway that goes from the Beppu-Kogen Station up to a point near Mt Tsurumi's summit, making the ascent of the mountain easily accomplished.

Both citizens and tourists enjoy events like the Beppu Mt Tsurumi/Mountain Climbing Race, in which people compete to ascend the mountain from sea level. Another event is the Mt Tsurumi Deep Freeze Tolerance Contest held in January at the top of the mountain.
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