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曽田の池 Soda-no-ike Soda-no-ike Pond

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Soda-no-ike is an irrigation pond located in Amagasemachi-deguchi, Hita, Oita Prefecture. Amagasemachi is famous for its hot springs, but Soda-no-ike is located on the other side of the Kusu River. Or in other words, on the other side of the hot springs area. The gently sloping hill surrounding the pond is called Sogandai by the locals.

Soda-no-ike, at an elevation of 700-800m, was made from damming the spring water from the surrounding mountains. Hence, the pond has become a wetland, with vegetation such as nymphaeales, water shields, trapa and a large variety of flowers, insects and wild birds that can be seen from spring through autumn. It is a perfect example of a wetland ecosystem and is a natural treasury of life.

Primarily built for irrigation purposes, the pond is normally deserted and has nothing of much attraction to see. Yet it is a place where people, even non-locals, come to relax and quietly enjoy the simple joys of nature.
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