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佐太神社 Sada-jinja Sada Shrine

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Sada Shrine is located by the Sada River, near Matsue in Shimane Prefecture. It is both an historical and  an influential shrine, second only to Izumo-Taisha, and was built in 1684.

The main shrine is built in the Taisha style, with halls in three rows. In the main shrine, twelve gods are enshrined. In the main shrine is the Saiehiogi, one of the oldest existing paintings on a fan screen. The shrine possesses a number of designated national cultural assets, such as the Sada Jin-noh, a drama form that influenced the Satokagura drama throughout the country.

The Sada Jin-noh is played during the famous Gozakae and Reisai festivals on the 24th and 25th of September, respectively.

  In addition, in November during the Jinzai festival (held to expel  bad luck, including fire and flood), it is said that a multitude of gods  gather here at Sada Shrine. This is why Sada Shrine is also known as the ‘Jinzai shrine’.
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