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鳥海山 Cyoukai-zan Mt Chokai

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Mt Chokai is located between Yamagata and Akita prefectures, faces the Japan Sea and is the second highest mountain in Tohoku. It is 2236m in height and also called 'Deba-Fuji'.

People living at the foot of the mountain have worshipped it as a god. It stands almost vertically facing the coastline. Many kinds of alpine plants are native to this area. For example, the Chokai-thistle and the Chokai-fusuma can only be found here.

The weather tends to change drastically and each season has vivid colors. There is plenty of meltwater running between the valleys and sometimes it appears as waterfalls. The water feeds into many ricefields.

From the top of the mountain in the climbing season, you can see Mt. Iwaki, the Hachimantai mountains and the Oga Peninsula to the north and Mt. Getsu and the Asahi Mountains to the south. Moreover, Chokai Lake, an area of pure water in a small hollow, appears surrounded by green plants. The mountain usually opens to climbers on the first day of May.
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