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広瀬絣 Hirose-gasuri The Hirose-gasuri

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A type of dyeing and hand-weaving technique based in Jyoukamachi-hirose, Yasugi City, Shimane Prefecture, hirose-gasuri has been handed down from the 7th year of the Bunnsei period when Sadako Nagaoka, the daughter of the town doctor, brought back the gasuri dyeing and weaving techniques from the town of Yonago and taught the techniques to the women of Hirose. Soon after, the high quality of the gasuri caught on, and from the end of the Edo period to the early Meiji period, hirose-gasuri came to compete with kurume-gasuri in skill, fame, and reputation. Prior to the development of the gasuri, ordinary clothes were made of linen, so the smooth texture and design of the gasuri motivated the people of Hirose to learn its skills. Its distinct characteristics lie in its making, in which persimmon juice is brushed over rice paper, and a large peculiar paper mold is used to enlarge the long vertical designs. The gasuri is famous for its large picturesque designs, in which the fabric is weaved in such a way that the design can be seen clearly. It is designated as a Traditional Hometown Handicraft.
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