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芝原善光寺 Shibahara-zenkou-ji Shibahara Zenkoji Temple

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It is said that the priest Kuya established the Shibahara Zenkoji Temple in 958. It is one of three Zenko temples, which also include Shinshu and Koshu.

Shibahara Zenkoji was originally a Tendai Buddhist temple, but it changed to the Jyodo sect. Its official name is Bontenzan Hosshoin Zenkoji, or Buzen Zenkoji.

Many of the temple's original structures remain. The Hondo was rebuilt in 1250 and is designated as an important cultural asset. Its principal image is the Ikko Sanzon Zenkoji Nyorai Ryuzo. The image is only exhibited from April 25 to 27. Other than that, there are towers dating to the late Kamakura period and a commemoration tower to the priest Kuya.

Shibahara Zenkoji Temple is situated in a tranquil and leafy area. Standing in front of the gate, one can sense the atmosphere of the formal temple town.
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Results 1 - 1 of 1 articles          
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