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日高竜門 Hidaka-ryuumon Hidaka Ryumon Gorge

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Hidaka Ryumon Gorge is a little up the stream from Iwanai Dam located in the downstream of the Saru River, which runs through Hidaka Town in Hokkaido. It is a twisting gorge with sheer cliffs continuing on both sides.

You can enjoy a full view of the gorge if you go down the stream by canoe or boat in summer. In fall it is a superb spot for viewing autumn leaves. You cam enjoy the exquisite landscape of cliffs covered with red and yellow leaves, listening to the babbling sound of the stream and blown in the autumn breeze.

Note, however, that you must be careful not to lose sense of time. It is said that the day at this gorge is shorter than any other place in Hidaka Town, for the glow of the sunset is blocked out by the sheer cliffs. As is said in a proverb, autumn sun is fast-sinking anyway, but be sure not to be too much fascinated by the wonderful landscapes.

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Mitsuiwa, Hidaka-cho, Saru-gun, Hokkaido 055-2316
Hidaka Ryumon Gorge

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