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手取峡谷 Tedori-kyoukoku Tedori Gorge

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Tedori Gorge, located in Torigoe Village, Ishikawa Pref. on the upper stream of the Tedori River, which is the longest river in the prefecture, had been created by the rapid flow of the river water running down and eroding the terraced river bank for thousands of years. This trench-like shaped deep gorge is 8 km in length from Shimo-Yoshino in Yoshitani Village to Hakusan-shita. The height of the cliff is 20 to 30 m. In some places, the clear water runs rapidly between the towering cliffs, while it makes a calm pond in green jade color, looking as if it takes pride in its affluent water. You will be overwhelmed by the power of nature and the length of time. There are a lot of places to see along the gorge, including Mihotoke-Sonae-Sugi (an old cedar tree), Ryuhi-iwa Rock, Furo Gorge, the Goshiki Waterfall and the Nishikigataki Waterfall.
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Results 1 - 1 of 1 articles          
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