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兼六園 Kenrokuen The Kenrokuen (Six Attributes Garden)

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Kenrokuen is one of Japan's three most famous gardens and is best known for its huge circuit-style garden fully equipped with ponds and fountains built by the Kaga Domain. At that time, construction of the garden and its features cost the equivalent of 45 billion yen today.

Construction of the garden began in the first year of the Kannei period (1624), and was completed nearly 200 years later. Of all the gardens that actually have records remaining, Kenrokuen took the longest to complete. The garden was eventually expanded to 100,700m2 and, depending on the location and period when each section of the garden was completed, the many different tastes and sensibilities of the various master-garderners can be seen.

The largest artificial hill inside the garden is called Yamazaki Hill. The design of this hill and its surroundings was directed by Enshuu Kobori, while actual construction was completed by Kenntei.

There is much to be seen besides the garden itself, such as the Souan Tea Room and the Kotojitourou (Kotoji Lantern), with every scene appearing different according to the season.

The name 'Kenrokuen' comes from 'Chronicles of the Famous Luoyang Gardens', a book by the Chinese poet Li Gefei, and was chosen by Sadanobu Matsudaira Gakuou at the request of the Kaga Domain 12th Lord Narinaga.
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弥彦公園 もみじ谷 Iyahiko-kouen Momiji-dani Momiji-dani (maple valley) and Yahiko Park

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Yahiko Park is in Yahiko hot spring town one-minute walk from Yahiko Station, Niigata Prefecture. The park has an area of 160,000 km2. Inside the park a mountain stream, miniature hill and water works are finely laid out and this enables visitors to enjoy autumn leaves in different settings. Especially, in Momiji-dani (maple valley), the reproduced old wooden bridge of Kannon-bashi provides the impressively harmonious autumn foliage. You can also enjoy flowers of each season; gorgeous cherry blossoms in April, and pure azalea and iris in June, each gives different atmosphere from autumn leaves.
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