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二見興玉神社 Futami-okitama-Jinjya Futamiokitama Jinja

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Futamiokitama Jinja is a shrine located in Futami, Watarai-gun, Mie Prefecture. It is famous for the Meoto-iwa (Husband and Wife Rock) that is located in front of it on the seashore. The shrine's deities are Sarutahiko and Ukanomitamanokami (also known as Jingu Geku-toyouke-no-okami).

In 1909, Okitama Shrine and Mimiya Shrine (with the deity Ukanomitamanokami) were joined to become the Futamiokitama Jinja. In the past, it was a custom for people to purify themselves at the Futaminoura before paying homage at the Ise-Jingu. Nowadays, that custom has changed, and people now cleanse themselves with purified salt at the Futamiokitama Jinja. People who wish to participate in the 'okihiki' (carrying of building material) and 'oshiraishimochi' (bringing rocks for building) for the rebuilding and repair of the shrine, must, even today, go through a traditional cleansing and purification ritual known as 'hama-sangu'.

Futamiokitama Jinja is a shrine connected to the Ise-Jingu. Besides its remarkable scenery, it holds an enthralling and important place in the history and myths of Japan.
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Results 1 - 1 of 1 articles          
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