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京銘竹 Kyomeitiku Kyoto Bamboo

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In Kyoto, it was a tradition from ancient times to grow high-quality bamboo and process it. The processed bamboo is called 'kyo-meichiku' and is used in architecture, for artifacts, and to decorate traditional Japanese rooms.

It is believed that bamboo originated from China. The fluctuating climate in the fertile Kyoto basin, created just the right environment for bamboo to grow strongly and flourish.

During the Heian period, bamboo began to be used in architecture to create the structure of walls and pillars. It also became increasingly used in many aspects of Kyoto culture, such as in gardens, as both a plant and a structural feature, and in pavilions used for the tea-ceremony.

Bamboo adds a special taste to Kyoto's cityscape. It is designated as one of Kyoto's traditional crafts.
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Results 1 - 1 of 1 articles          
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