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寒河江城 Sagae-jyo Sagae Castle

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Sagae Castle is located in Marunouchi, Sagae, in Yamagata Prefecture.

The site of the castle was originally the residence that Chikahiro, legitimate son of Oue Hiromoto, built in Sagae during the Kamakura period. His descendant, Oue Tokiuji, improved and renovated the residence into a castle, known as Sagae Castle, which even had three moats.

In 1584, the Oue family lost in a battle against Mogami Yoshiaki, and were completely annihilated. Following the battle, Sagae Hizen became lord of the castle, but after the death of Yoshiaki, Hizen killed himself and Sagae Castle was abandoned.

Currently, the old castle land has become the grounds of the Sagae Elementary School. Most of the remains of the castle have been lost, due to residential development in the area. The only thing remaining of the castle are the moats, which are missing the west side.

Sagae Castle holds the memories of the local powerful clan, the Oue Family.

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1 Marunouchi, Sagae, Yamagata Prefecture, 991-0023
Sagae Castle

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