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江戸押絵羽子板 Edoosiehagoita Edo Oshie Hagoita Battledores

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Hagoita, or kogiita as they were known in olden times, were used as decorative battledores or presented as New Year gifts. Hagoita were believed to repel evil, and had connotations of healthy growth.

In the late Edo period, a Chinese technique called 'oshi' was first used for hagoita. A design is made, then cardboard is tacked against a board, which is covered with cloth to give a 3-d effect.

At that time, the merchant Edo culture had entered a mature stage with the creativity of ukiyo-e, woodblock prints of popular subjects. Like ukiyo-e, hagoita featured similar designs with portraits of Kabuki actors being very popular. At the annual year-end fairs in Edo, many people bought hagoita with portraits of popular actors.

Even today, beautiful hagoita make a popular gift to bring luck at New Year or to be presented as a special gift.
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50cm巾小ふろしき 二階町ヱリショウ 50cm-kinshoufuroshiki Nikaimachi-Erishou Furoshiki of Erisho

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Furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloth) was the most popular gift in good old days. How long is it since we, the Japanese people, gave up using this all-round and multi-use wrapping cloth, which you can find nowhere else in the world? When you bring a gift to somebody, isn’t it far better to unwrap the furoshiki in front of him/her and take out the gift smoothly than take it out of a paper bag rustling and crinkling? It is also very sophisticated to hand the gift as it is wrapped in furoshiki. In this case, selecting a nice furoshiki is very important. Then why not visit Erisho at Nikaimachi in Himeji City, Hyogo Pref.? There you will find stylish furoshikis at reasonable prices. Charm of Japanese tradition and free and fun-loving modern senses are well combined in the design of furoshikis at Erisho. Furoshiki is a gift item of an adult who goes one step ahead of others.
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