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近江舞子 Oumimaiko Ohmi Maiko Beach

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Ohmi Maiko Beach is located in Minami-Komatsu, Otsu City, Shiga Pref. In the tourist boom having occurred in recent times, the beach was named “Ohmi Maiko” after Maiko Beach in Hyogo Pref. which is very famous for its beautiful white sand. Ohmi Maiko Beach is also known as the place of white sand and green pines as is sung like the following in the song “Biwako Shuko no Uta (Lake Biwa Rowing Song);” Pine trees are very green, on sands very white. Omatsugasato is, a young maiden's home. Bush of red camellia, hides her teary face… The 4 km white sand beach lined with gree pine trees has been known as a scenic spot since old days. When many beaches including Ohmi Maiko Bahing Resort are open in summer, the beach is covered with the visitors coming to enjoy swimming, wind surfing, and other marine sports. Here on Ohmi Maiko Beach, you can enjoy the both; its scenery and outdoor activities.

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Minami-komatsu, Otsu, Shiga Prefecture, 520-0502
Shiga-machi, Tourist Association

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