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アイヌ 樹皮衣 Ainu Juhi-i Ainu Bark-Fiber Cloth

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Ainu bark-fiber is a woven cloth used for the traditional garments and costumes of the Ainu people of Hokkaido. These garments are some of the most representative and familiar forms of clothing worn by the Ainu, and are known as 'atoshi' in Ainu dialect.

Bark fiber used in this fabric is taken from the inner bark of the Manchurian elm, then woven on a loom. As cotton was more highly valued by the Ainu then, garments were considered to be more valuable when cotton was woven into cloth along with bark fiber.

Among the Ainu, the Hokkaido Ainu were the principal users of this fabric. It was worn for daily use, and was mass exported to the main island of Japan in the late 18th century due to its excellent durability and detailed weaving. Today, this fabric is still woven all over Hokkaido as a traditional handicraft.
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東京染小紋 Toukyousomekomon Tokyo Dyed Komon

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Tokyo dyed 'komon' is an elegant cloth with fine geometric-patterns, which is made in Tokyo.

It was not until the Edo period that 'komon' was dyed all over Tokyo. At first, it was a cloth made for Samurai only, but by the mid-Edo period, it was being used by commoners, developing along with the free and fashionable culture of the townspeople.

Komon means fine-patterned dyed cloth. The 'daimon' design is used for flags or tents, while 'chumon' is used for yukata or facecloths.

Komon kimonos appear to have no pattern when seen from a distance, but a closer look reveals the fine geometric pattern. The pattern used in 'kamishio' (a set of jacket and trousers) features shark-like, small squares and diagonal lines giving a dignified and grand appearance. Other patterns include designs using tool-, letter- and animal-like motifs.

In 1974, komon was designated as a Traditional Handicraft by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
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Results 1 - 2 of 2 articles          
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