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緒方井路 Ogata-iro Ogata Iro Watercourse

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Ogata Iro is a watercourse that was once used for irrigation and that passes through the town of Ogata in Oita Prefecture.

The upper part of Ogata Iro was constructed in 1645 and the lower part in 1671, giving the watercourse its present shape. This agricultural watercourse was a lifeline from the mid-Edo period to the 1960s as it irrigated the fields belonging to the Ogata clan.

At one time the watercourse became polluted with domestic waste, but following a cleanup program in 1985, it even became a place used by children for swimming from the 1990s. Also, after the cleanup, fireflies started to appear. The watercourse and the watermill create a refreshing watery scene.
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大高下ふるさと村 Okouge-furusatomura Okoge Hometown Village

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Okoge Hometown Village is located at the foot of the Chūgoku Mountains, by the side of the clear waters of the Awa River in Okayama Prefecture. The private houses and the thatched hut housing the water mill create a tranquil atmosphere recalling the old countryside of Japan.

The Okayama Prefecture Hometown Village System was conceived in 1974 to preserve the scenery of the countryside. Seven villages have been designated since then including Okoge Hometown Village.

In early summer, Okoge Hometown Village is a mass of green from the new leaves of the maple, checker and Kobushi Mongolia trees, while in autumn, visitors can admire the fall foliage around the village. In the Ochiai River that flows through the town, there is rainbow trout while fishing may be enjoyed at the Keiryu Fishing Place.
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Results 1 - 2 of 2 articles          
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