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鶴山公園 Kakuzan-kouen Kakuzan Park

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Kakuzan Park, also known as Tsuyama castle ruins, is situated in the center of Tsuyama district in Okayama Prefecture. Mori Tadamasa, the founder of the Tsuyama clan, established Tsuyama castle in 1616.

It took Mori Tadamasa 13 years to construct the modern-style castle on the plains here. The castle used to have a five-storey keep and over 60 turrets. However, the castle was abandoned in 1873. Nowadays, the princely stonewalls and the turrets, restored in 2005, soar again within the premises.

Kakuzan Park was selected as one of Japan's top 100 spots to view cherry blossoms. It is also known as the best cherry blossom-viewing spot in western Japan. Over 5000 cherry trees, including the Yoshino cherry, blossom each spring. The night view of the cherry blossom is also fantastic, and over 100 thousand tourists visit the park annually. Tourists are also attracted to other beautiful seasonal sights, such as spring wisteria and azalea, fall foliage and winter scenery.
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