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吉野手漉き和紙 Yoshino-tesuki-washi Yoshino Handmade Japanese Paper

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Yoshino handmade Japanese paper (washi) is a traditional handicraft, and representative of Nara. It is sometimes called uda paper, misu paper or kuzu paper, and is known for its outstanding texture and strength. It is also designated as a traditional handicraft of Nara.

The history of washi dates back more than 1300 years and is said to have been begun by Oamano-oji (later Emperor Temmu) who taught the village people of Kuzu the art of papermaking. Oamano-oji is also known for gathering an army and fighting at Yoshino during the Jinshin rebellion in 672.

Yoshino paper began to spread nationwide in the Edo period. The paper was named uda paper because merchants from Daiwa Uda-cho sold it throughout Japan, and it was found useful for mounting or backing paper or fabric.

The handmade paper of Yoshino is very thin, yet sturdy. There are currently 12 families who still protect the tradition and techniques of papermaking here, and who make an important contribution to the making of paper for shodo sliding doors and for repairing national treasures.
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縄ヶ池の水芭蕉 Nawagaike-no-mizubasho Skunk Cabbage at Nawaga Lake

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Nawagaike (Nawaga Lake) was formed after an avalanche from Mount Takasho-zu blocked a river. The lake has a surface area of 4960㎡, is 10m deep, 2km in circumference and lies 800m above sea level.

There is a legend that a dragon dwells in the mysterious lake. Furthermore, the lake is conspicuous for the skunk cabbage that grows here. When approaching the lake through the woods, an expanse of skunk cabbage appears.

It is believed there are over 500,000 skunk cabbages growing here. The Nawaga Lake Skunk Cabbage Area is designated as a Toyama Natural Treasure. The best view of the skunk cabbage is in May as the snow is melting.

The sophisticated white flower is soothing to the spirit. It is rare to see Skunk cabbage grow below 1000m, and this area is noted as a place of great scientific value.
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