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風呂 Furo The Furo

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A furo is a bathtub with hot water, or a place with a flow of hot water where you can warm and clean your body.
In ancient Japan, furo were simple bathing places with a flow of water. The origin of furo comes from 'yokudo', which were imported with Buddhism from China. Priests would cleanse their bodies in yokudo.
The present style of hot-water bathtubs began in the Edo period. The introduction of public baths at this time meant that they became popular places where people could meet, too.
In other parts of the world, stream baths and ablution are popular, too, although in Christian countries, taking baths did not become so common until the 19th century.
In the Shinto culture of Japan, washing is an important process to cleanse the person of sin. In addition, for many reasons such as climate and health, people love to bathe. Even today, hot springs and public baths are very popular.
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両子寺 Futago-ji Futago-ji Temple

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Futago-ji Temple is located on the slopes of Mt Futago, the highest mountain on the Kunisaki Peninsula in Oita Prefecture. The temple flourished as the main temple in Rokugomanzan.

The temple is said to have been built in the second year of the Yoro period (718) by Ninmon-bosatsu, the incarnation of the deity Usa-hachiman. The name of the temple comes from Futago-daigongen, the son of Usa-hachiman. In the Heian period, a unique religion mixing local gods and Buddhism developed in the Rokugomanzan Buddhist area and many temples were founded along the Kunisaki Peninsula.

On the grounds of Futago-ji Temple are a big hall, the Okunoin building, 100 Kannon sattues, the Ninnou statue and mossy stone steps that give you a sense of the past.

The temple area was designated as the Seto Inland Sea National Park as well as one of Oita Prefecture's Historical Places. It is also one of Japan's '100 best places for bathing in woods'. Many people visit the temple throughout the four seasons.
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