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唐戸山神事相撲 Karatoyama-shinji-zumou Karato-yama Shinji Sumo

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Karato-yama Shinji Sumo (Shinto Sumo Wrestling at Mt. Karato-yama) is a traditional Shinto event held on September 25 every year at Hakui Shrine in the city of Hakui, Ishikawa Prefecture. It is known as Japan’s oldest sumo tournament and its history dates back to the period of the 11th emperor of Japan, Suinin (reigned 29 BC to 70 AD). It is said that Japan’s first sumo wrestling match was held between Nomi no Sukune and Taima no Kehaya under the order of Emperor Suinin. His son, Prince Iwatsukiwake no Mikoto encouraged sumo wrestling, and there is a legend that young men underwent physical training through sumo wrestling on the mountain Karato-yama.

Because of this, on September 25, the obit of the prince, the sumo wrestling matches have been performed in memory of the prince for over 2,000 years. On this day, many young men who are proud of their physical strength come from all over the Hokuriku region to Karato-yama. The sumo wrestling matches start with the famous judge’s call, “Mizu-nashi (no water), Shio-nashi (no salt), Mattanashi (waiting time is over)!” This is a myth that is still alive in this modern world.
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