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白銀堂 Hakugindou Hakugin-dou

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Hakugin-dou is a small shrine dedicated to the local sea god. At lunar New Year, many people visit it to pray for safe voyages and bountiful catches.

During the 'Itoman Harley', the famous festival in the fishing town of Itoman, the local deity is enshrined.

Hakugin-dou has a famous saying: 'Ijinuijira tehiki, tenuijira ijihiki' ('If your pride gets bigger, hold back your hand. If your hands are to be thrown, hold back your pride.') The name Hakugin ('White Silver') derives from a story that silver coins were collected for debt and buried in a cave. Hakugin-dou has another name, 'Yoriage-mitake'.

The shrine is close to Itoman city center, but 200 years ago, the district was below the sea. The god at Hakugin-dou still provides security for fishing expeditions, which is appropriate for a fishing town such as this.
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