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赤城山 Akagi-yama Mt. Akagi-yama

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Mt. Akagi-yama, one of the Jomo Three Mountains and Japan’s 100 Fine Mountains, located in the center of Gunma Prefecture, is the generic name for mountains including Kurobi-san, Komagatake, Jizo-dake Choshichiro-yama, and Nabewari-yama.

It is a double-rimmed caldera volcano. There are three beautiful lakes near the mountaintop; Lake O-numa (an atrio lake), Ko-numa (a crater lake) and Kakuman-fuchi (a high moor).

The north wind known as “Karakkaze,” which is characteristic to the Kanto Plain in winter, is also called “Akagi Oroshi,” because it blows from Mt. Akagi-yama.

Mt. Akagi-yama has been worshipped by local people since the ancient times. It is a symbol of Gunma Prefecture.
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八ヶ岳 Yatsuga-take Mt. Yatsugatake

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Mt. Yatsugatake is a group of volcanic mountains with a total length of 30 km running from north to south on the border of Nagano Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture. The mountain group is divided into two sub-groups with Natsuzawa Pass in its center. North Yatsugatake Mountains, which include Tengudake, Kita Yokodake and Mt. Tateshina, are gentle and lower mountains with a lot od forests and ponds, while South Yatsugatake Mountains, which include Akadake, Gongendake and Amidadake, are steep and suitable for full-fledged mountain-climbing and rock-climbing. Being selected as one of Japan’s 100 Fine Mountains, Mt. Yatsugatake has been loved by a lot of alpinists. There are also a lot of hot springs at the foot of the mountains.
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Results 1 - 2 of 2 articles          
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