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ゴトビキ岩 Gotobiki-iwa Gotobiki Rock

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On the rock stratum composed of a monolith, there are several huge rocks called Gotobiki Rock, which itself is an enshrined god of Kamikura Shrine. Gotobiki means a toad in Kumano dialect. The name comes from the largest rock, which looks like a toad. Some pieces of dotaku (bronze bell) of the Yayoi period were excavated from under the Gotobiki Rock, which indicates that Gotobiki Rock has been worshipped since the Jomon period, when any idea of Shinto or a shrine had not been shaped yet. We can see the good examples of nature worship in ancient Kumano region at this Kamikura Shrine, which enshrines the huge rock as well as at Hanano-iwaya Shrine also enshrining a huge rock, and Hiro Shrine in Nachi area enshrining a waterfall.

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1-13-8 Kamikura, Shingu, Wakayama Prefecture, 647-0044
Gotobiki Rock

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