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那覇ハーリー Naha-haarii Naha Hari Dragon Boat Racing

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Naha Hari is a dragon boat race from Okinawa, which takes place on the last three days of the May Golden Week in the city of Naha.

Naha Hari is distinctive because of the dragon-head decoration on the prow of the boats, and the dragon tail on the stern.

The main event of Naha Hari is the 'Hon-Bari', which is held on the final day. The Naha Hari used to be a hardball fight, where serious troubles would arise in deciding the winner of the game.

The three-day activities also include boat races between junior high school students, and other boat races, as well as visits to the boats and firework displays.

The Naha Hari is the largest event in Okinawa, and displays the Okinawans proud competitive spirit.
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