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舞鶴公園 Maizuru-kouen Maizuru Park

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Maizuru Park is located in Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City and is the site of Fukuoka Castle (Maizuru Castle).

Before the Second World War, this park was the headquarters of the 24th infantry regiment. After Fukuoka City acquired the site, Yaroku Miyoshi, the Fukuoka mayor at that time, renamed it 'Peace Hill' Park in order to 'make a sound and peaceful society, and to recover from war damage through sports'.

Peace Hill Sports Park is situated within the park, and includes Peace Hill Baseball Ground. Included in the park is a track field for athletics and tennis courts.

In spring, the cherry and apricot trees bloom and many people come to see them. The apricot blooms some time between February and March; the 'hirado' azalea in April; the moutan, wisteria, peony and calamus in May; hydrangea in June; and lotus in August. Indeed, Maizuru Park is where you can enjoy flowers throughout the four seasons.
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