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鰐淵寺 Gakuenji Gakuenji-temple

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Gakuenji Temple is a Tendai Sect temple, located in Izumo, Shimane Prefecture.
In the 2nd year of the Suiko period (594),  the emperor suffered from an eye disease. After Chishun Shonin prayed at Furo Waterfall, the emperor recovered and built the temple in thanks.
The name of the temple comes from a legend in which Shonin accidentally dropped hisBuddhist staff into the basin of the waterfall  and a crocodile (in Chinese-style reading, Gaku) picked it up.
Near the Furuo Waterfall defile and  500m from the entrance of the temple, is a small shrine named ‘Zao-do’,.
It is said that Benkei trained himself at Gakuenji. Even after he won the battle in Dannoura with Yoshitsune, he remained  in Gakuenji and left many legacies and relics.
The Benkei Festival is held every year in October, and during the Red Leaves Festival, held from late October through November, people come to enjoy the red leaves.
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