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武家屋敷跡土塀 Buke-yashikiato-dobei Earthen Walls of Samurai Houses

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In the Edo period, Kaga was a castle town. Around Naga Town there still remain houses that middle and low class samurais lived in.

The earthen walls, water drainage channels and stone paved alleys remind you of the old days. In particular, the earthen walls of the samurai houses used Tomuro stone which was also used in the consruction of Kanazawa Castle. These stones add to the atmosphere of the area. People actually live in these houses, too, which makes them seem even more real.

The district of Samurai houses has complicated paved stone alleys and much the same mood as the old castle town.  Walking along, you will feel as if you were living in the Edo period.

Among the interesting places to visit are Nomura house, open to everyone, and Saihitsu-an, where you can see demonstrations of Kaga-Yuzen dyeing. Voluntary guides are always stationed at the resting places and they can provide information about the samurai houses and so on.

It is unbelievable that the district is just next to Korinbo, a busy modern shopping street. In comparison, Naga Town gives you a good sense of history.
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Results 1 - 1 of 1 articles          
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