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江里佐代子(人間国宝) Eri Sayoko Sayoko Eri (Living National Treasure)

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Sayoko Eri is a 'kirikane' artisan born in 1945 in Kyoto. Now, she works with her husband Sohei Eri and their son Kohei crafting images of Buddha with their company Heian Butsusho, based in Okazaki, in the Sakyo area of Kyoto.

Kirikane may be roughly translated as 'snip gold' or 'thin gold'. Basically, it involves working with gold foil: burning it, stripping it and using it as an implement. Furthermore, kirikane is used to draw gold designs, mainly on Buddha images and pictures.

Sayoko Eri began to work with kirikane after marrying into the Eri family. By applying herself to study, she acquired the skill and concentration to manipulate the delicate foils. Her designs are truly precise and it is hard to believe that they were created by hand. In 2002, she was designated as a Living National Treasure for her work in kirikane.
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