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結城神社 Yuuki-jinjya Yuki Shrine

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Yuki Shrine, located in Tsu, Mie Prefecture, enshrines the deity Yuki Munehiro, a heroic figure who partipated in the overthrow of the Kamakura government by the Emperor Godaigo during the South and North Dynasty period. Yuki Munehiro followed Kitabatake Chikafusa and his son, Akiie, in South Dynasty. Chikafusa and his followers sailed from Ise Country to Higashi Country to offer their support to Gogaigo's son, Norinaga Shinno (later the Emperor Murakami). On the way, Munehiro died from illness.

The shrine holds documents written by the emperor Godaigo. The district has been called Yuki's Forest since old times, and is deified as Yuki Mound or Yuki God.

From mid-February to early March, 300 weeping apricot trees come into blossom, elegantly wafting their refreshing scent and appearing like a living picture scroll of flowers in early spring. Many visitors from the city and from outside come to visit the shrine at this time.

In 1882, Yuki Shrine was designated a Special Official Shrine. It is one of Chuko's 15 shrines.
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