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広兼邸 Hirogane-tei Hirogane Mansion

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The Hirogane family, the chief family of Onoro, accumulated enormous wealth from the Koizumi copper mine and from manufacturing sulfate iron in the Edo period. The Hirogane Mansion is a large house built in the Kyowa/Bunka era (around 1800) by the 2nd head of the Hirogane family, Motoharu.

The magnificent Sakura-Mon stonewalls measure up to those of a castle and reflect the prestige of the Hirogane family in those days. Outstanding views of  can be enjoyed because, like a castle, the mansion is sited on a hillside. In spring, the blossoming cherry trees give it the dignity of a mountain castle.

In addition to the two-story main house, there are three warehouses, the Sakura-Mon, and a terrace house within the spacious grounds. Moreover, the pleasing sound of the Suikinkutsu can be heard in the garden.

In recent years, Hirogane Mansion has became famous as the location of Seishi Yokomizo's 'Yatsubaka-Mura'. Visitors can visualise film star Kiyoshi Atsumi acting here.
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