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鈴田滋人 Shigeto Suzuta Shigeto Suzuta

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Born in Kashima City, Saga Prefecture, in June 1954, Shigeto Suzuta is a dyeing artisan and an official member of the Japan Handicraft Association.

Shigeto learned the art of dyeing from his father, Teruji, who had dedicated himself to the revival of 'nabeshima-calico', which had lost popularity after the Taisho period.

The dyeing style of 'nabeshima-calico' is unique in that it is the only Japanese calico to use wood or paper molds. The fabric produced from this method is very elegant.

Shigeto, preserving the technique revived by his father, evolved a new dyeing style that has received high commendations, such as the NHK President Prize at the 45th Traditional Japanese Handicraft Exhibition.

While dyeing fabric at his studio, Shigeto also makes the 'nogomi doll', created by his father to 'enrich our harsh society'. This doll is a simple clay bell featuring one of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. It is very popular as a mascot because it is small and beautifully colored. Some of the animals have been featured on New Year stamps: in 1963 and 2001.
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