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乱礁遊歩道 Ranshoyuuhodou The Ransho Promenade

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The Ransho Promenade round the tip of Muroto Cape extends approx. 1.4 kilometers along the coast line of the cape, from the statue of Nakaoka Shintaro to Muroto Seinen-Taishi-zo (the statue of Kobodaishi Kukai when young). You can enjoy viewing dynamic landscape with the continuation of oddly-shaped rocks and cliffs created by the erosion of the Pacific Ocean. Especially amazing is the zone between Eboshi Rock and Hishago Rock, where you will be overwhelmed by wild waves dashing against many strange and monstrous shaped rocks.

Along the promenade are several historic points pertaining to Kobodaishi Kukai, which include Kanjo-no-hama Beach, where Kobodaishi performed the ritual of Kanjo (the ritual to pass the teacher’s knowledge and power onto his student by pouring sacred water on the student’s head) and Mearai-no-ike Pond, where Kobodaishi purified the water of the pond and cured people of their eye diseases.

Near the entrance to the promenade stands a fig tree (Ficus superba Miq. var. japonica Miq.), which is nationally designated as a Natural Monument. Its roots extend in many directions like octopus legs. Clusters of grand crinum lilies in summer and thistles (Cirsium maritimum) in fall add colors to the coast washed by the wild waves of the Pacific Ocean.
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Results 1 - 1 of 1 articles          
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