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眼目山立山寺 Ganmokuzan-ryusenji Mount Ganmoku Ryusen Temple

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Mount Ganmoku Ryusen Temple is famous for the Sōtō Zen Buddhism practised here and is located in Nakaniikawa district, Toyama prefecture.

The priest Daitetsu Soryo established it in 1370. In ancient times, it was worshiped as a holy mountain. The religion that refers to Ryusen is called Ryusen Shinkyo and its deity is called Ryusen Kengon. There is a legend that Ryusen Kengon turned out to be a tree-feller and persuaded Daitetsu Soryo to construct the temple.

There is a wooden statue of the priest which is designated as an Important Prefectural Asset. Also, there are two spectacular stones for Zen meditation in the forest near the cloister-shaped temple.

The avenue lined with toga trees creates a magnificent view. By walking along the pathways, the silence that flows from the natural world can be felt in one’s bones.
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Results 1 - 1 of 1 articles          
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