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九華公園 菖蒲 Kyuuka-kouen Ayame The Irises of Kyuuka-kouen Park

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Kyuuka-kouen Park is built on the ruins of Kuwana Castle in Kuwana, Mie Prefecture. The park is famous for cherry blossoms, as well as for its ayame irises in early summer.

Kyuuka-kouen is built on the main and secondary mark of Kuwana Castle and spreads out over approximately 7.2ha. The park has become a place of relaxation cherished by the citizens of Kuwana. Ruins of the acclaimed castle, known as Ougijo, can be found here, along with exuberant displays of cherry blossom, azaleas and irises in season.

In June, a festival called the Hana-ayame-matsuri (Iris Flower Festival) takes place. Contests and events are held during the weekends of the festival, and include a tea ceremony as well as an iris sketching contest. Myriads of sightseeing visitors come to Kyuuka-kouen to appreciate the white, pink, red-purple and blue-purple shades of the irises. The peaceful, harmonious scene created by these flowers give a sense of serenity and calm to visitors.
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