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東京染小紋 Toukyousomekomon Tokyo Dyed Komon

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Tokyo dyed 'komon' is an elegant cloth with fine geometric-patterns, which is made in Tokyo.

It was not until the Edo period that 'komon' was dyed all over Tokyo. At first, it was a cloth made for Samurai only, but by the mid-Edo period, it was being used by commoners, developing along with the free and fashionable culture of the townspeople.

Komon means fine-patterned dyed cloth. The 'daimon' design is used for flags or tents, while 'chumon' is used for yukata or facecloths.

Komon kimonos appear to have no pattern when seen from a distance, but a closer look reveals the fine geometric pattern. The pattern used in 'kamishio' (a set of jacket and trousers) features shark-like, small squares and diagonal lines giving a dignified and grand appearance. Other patterns include designs using tool-, letter- and animal-like motifs.

In 1974, komon was designated as a Traditional Handicraft by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
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