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残波岬 Zanpamisaki Cape Zanpa

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Zanpamisaki is a cape that projects from the northernmost end of Yomitani-son in Okinawa Prefecture.

The cliffs around the cape are about 30m high and stretch for about 2km. The cape lighthouse is a 30m-tall white concrete tower constructed in 1974. Once infamous as a hazardous spot for ships, the cape is lashed by wild and sorrowful waves. Contrary to its menacing image, this spot is both popular and famous for diving and fishing.

From the tip of the cape, the Kelama Islands and Iye Island can be seen, and the sunset views are particularly astounding. The Zanpamisaki Rest Area in front of the cape welcomes visitors with a huge 7m-high 'zanpa' lion, that forms a landmark for the cape.

The contrasting blue of the sea with the whiteness of the lighthouse, accompanied by a beautiful sunset over the Higashi-Shinakai (East Shina Sea) is simply stunning.
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