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祝儀袋 Syuugi-bukuro Celebration Envelopes

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Celebration Envelopes (shuugi bukuro) are specially designed paper packets for holding gift-money presented at someone's celebration. There are fine rules depending on the event celebrated: marriage, childbirth, or birthday.
   In the old Shinto religion, dedications to gods were wrapped in paper, and this is said to be the origin of the Celebration Envelope.
   Usually, a paper sash called 'noshigami' is attached to the outside of the folded paper pocket, which is then tied with strings called 'mizuhiki'. On the front, the title of the celebration and the words 'motegaki' are written by brush.
   Today, Celebration Envelopes complete with the noshigami, mizuhiki and omotegaki are available, even at convenience stores. But the custom of Celebration Envelopes demonstrates a certain Japanese finesse and we should preserve this tradition.

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Celebration Envelope

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