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大浦城 Oura-jo Ora Castle

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Ora Castle was established by Ora Mitsunobu, the founder of the Tsugaru clan and of Tsugaru Tanesato castle, in 1502.

For four generations (92 years), Ora Castle was the residence of the Ora clan. until the fifth lord, Ora Tamenobu, moved to Horikoshi Castle. Using Ora Castle as a hub, Ora Tamenobu, the fifth lord, conquered the Tsugaru and, in 1594, moved his locus operandi to Horikoshi Castle. After this move, the town around Ora Castle declined in prosperity.

The castle is formed of the main, secondary, third and west side buildings. Until the early Showa period, there was a moat constructed beside each of set of buildings. However, in the last century the castle underwent drastic changes, and there is little left of the past. All that remains is the castle kitchen, which is preserved and exhibited at Chosho Temple.

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Yoshita, Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture, 036-1313
Ora Castle

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