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親子熊岩 Oyakoguma-iwa The Mother and Child Bear Rocks

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Nagaiso Beach in Taisei-cho, Hokkaido is dotted with a lot of oddly-shaped rocks created by erosion of sea water. The most famous among them is the Mother and Child Bear Rocks.

According to a local legend, starving mother and child bears left their home mountain and reached this beach at last. When the child bear was eating a crab, he fell into the sea. Trying to save her son, the mother bear dived into the sea, but both were drowned to death. Deeply impressed by the affection of the mother bear, the god picked their bodies out of the sea and turned them into rocks.

The silhouette of the rocks is so real that it looks like a real mother bear embracing her son. Especially in the sunset, the outlines of their loving figures appear clearly.
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広瀬川灯ろう流し Hirose-gawa-tourou-nagashi The Lantern Float in the Hirose River

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The Lantern Float in the Hirose River is a representative summer event held during the season of Bon in August at the riverside between the Miyazawa Bridge and the Hirose Bridge over the Hirose River in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture.

The origin of this event dates back about 250 years, when the Tohoku region suffered from cold weathers and bad harvests and hundreds of thousands of people were starving. To rescue those starving people, the Sendai domain set up the relief center near the Hirose Bridge. Later, people began to float paper lanterns on the river to appease the souls of the victims.

The lantern float has been handed down for 250 years since then. After World War II, the fireworks display began to be held at the same time and it became a biggest summer event of the city. Although it was discontinued for a short time, it was revived in 1990. After a variety of events including an outdoor concert, fireworks are shot up over the lanterns afloat on the river surface. The festival ends with the illumination of the 130-meter wide Niagara Falls fireworks.
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Results 1 - 2 of 2 articles          
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