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礼文滝 Rebun-daki The Rebun Waterfall

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The Rebun Waterfall is on the southwestern coast of Rebun Island to the west of Wakkanai City in Hokkaido and Japan’s northernmost island. Not being included in the representative sightseeing routes, the Rebun Waterfall is located in one of the unexplored lands on the island.

The trekking route to the waterfall is wonderful. First you start from the ferry terminal in the southeastern part of the island. Go toward the north along the Rebun Woodland Path and change your direction to the west on your way. The exquisite scenery of clear streams and the flower valley, where alpine flowers first come into bloom on this island, make you stay your steps and you will forget that you are heading for the waterfall. Take a leisurable walk for a while and enjoy viewing flowers in the valley, and you will get to the steep slope. Then go down along the small river until you get to the western coast.

There, you will find the Rebun Waterfall gently flowing down to the ocean. You may be able to see seagulls flying away from the top of this 20 m tall waterfall. The volume of water changes from time to time, but it is always fed by abundant water of this island. Note that the trail along the coast is closed now because of the danger of falling rocks.

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Rebun-cho, Rebun-gun, Hokkaido 097-1200
The Rebun Waterfall

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